THE JS/RL PERIODICALS: R.Lyon and Jessie Stead
Copies and previews below. Additional info.

[ˈkəmˈ lȯrd]
Volume 1
310 pages

RL spills maple syrup inside his pickup and invents something called "truck wine". JS reveals her Netflix password. Phiadon offers the pair a book deal. RL fabricates a text-based apocalypse.

[ˈgōldənˈ sh ä n ˈpänyə]
Volume 2
396 pages

After the apocalypse RL communicates from a heaven like area and orders beer from a cloud. JS continues work on a screenplay. RL contemplates "looks" for RAF's gigs in Miami. Meanwhile RAF is arrested by undercover police in the Lower East Side.

[ôn ˈgōldənˈ sh ä n ˈpänyə]
80 pages

"As a dying tree drops its leaves and is attacked by fungus and worms of decay, so too is a nation set upon by Golden Champagne."

Written by a not so fun loving algorithm, On Golden Champagne is 78 pages of vitriolic spittle bathed in high minded semiotic analysis and post graduate vocabulary.

[doŏ ˈānjəl]
Volume 3
354 pages - Coming Soon

Upon returning from Lake Como, RL loses himself in Brazilian Newark, managing to escape through the GOD-ASS portal. JS’s clone parties in a coma ward with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Hurricane Boring strikes New York City. Phiadon offers an advance for an all kitten porn calendar. The butt-models clean up.

DOO AYE [ˈdoō ī]
Supplement #1
182 pages

A sequel to Do you have unlimited text messages?

DOO ETC. noun [ˈdoō et ˈsetərə]
Volume 4
318 pages
Coming Soon

RL founds Gumball University and sets off a variety of Nerd Alerts. JS needs an owl track. RL tries to go back in time to switch out a pair of “ugly” socks. A butt model breaks RL’s mini disco ball. JS and RL continue to fight the terrorists by partying.

[wən nīn 'həndrid hav ā līf]
Volume 5
326 Pages
Coming Soon

JS weens herself off of English. Jesus sends the first copy of Come Lord to Brooklyn. RL falls asleep for 7 pages and then makes JS go to a theme restaurant for his birthday. JS burns a blu-ray disc. They both consume record amounts of seltzer.

Volume 6
251 pages Coming Soon

RL loses an adapter. JS sees if she can drink a JPEG. RL trys to steal JS's girlfriend only to find out her girlfriend is also a JPEG. JS discovers RL stole her sunglasses in Volume 2.

To be continued...